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TOP 12 ... photographic chart with simple rules



Wherever you find a button marked “Photo Rating TOP 12", you can participate in a competition about the best TOP 12 photographs of the month. 


TOP 12 is a playful and spontaneous riding, where nobody wins a material prize. The ones who compete, are the photographs themselves. The “freshmen”, who reside at www.SEJKOT.com just for a few whiles as well as deserving matadors, who have been there since the beginnings. Photoparade is held on monthly basis so even the newest pictures have the chance to win over the old ones. 


TOP 12 shows the photographs with the highest number of points upper left. The photographs shown on the right side at the bottom could still be added to the dozen of the best photographs. 


TOP 12 is an anonymous photo-contest showing the results of the past months. The running results of the actual month stay hidden till the last day. While participating in evaluating the pictures you may come to the revelation that your view is equal or completely different from the one of your neighbor. This way you can judge your own evaluation and compare it with that of other people.  


TOP 12 offers an insight to the history. 

You can view the genesis of this competition as well as which photographs were successful in the past months. The winning photographs show regardless the category. 


TOP 12 is an entertaining and anonymous psychotest. You can feel the mood of the society while watching the winning pictures, its interest in certain subjects, esthetic liking etc. We may well be surprised that a photograph about which we would never expect it, keeps winning. And it may as well be the other way round. 


Enjoy your competition!