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His whole name was Gaius Cilnius Maecenas and he was a Roman aristocrat of Etruscan origin. He lived between 70-8 B.C. and as a friend of the emperor Octavius was rich enough to support the artists of his time, especially the poets Horatius and Vergilius. 

It was thanks to his support that those literary pieces, which are still being regularly published up to date, were created. And thanks to this support the name Maecenas became immortal. Patronage that he helped to establish is today a worldwide phenomenon. 


You came to a place which offers you the possibility to become a maecenas of the artist Roman Sejkot. 


You can become his maecenas on a weekly, monthly, yearly, lifelong or permanent/eternal basis.


According to your commission a greater or a minor piece of art can be created. It obviously depends on your notion of it, of what roughly can be done and how big an  investment you are willing to make. This way you can actively participate on the creation of an artwork. 

Roman Sejkot has several projects ready for you to get acquainted with, projects that are semifinished and are just waiting for the presentation. Upon inquiry.   


Ancient Romans were good economists and Roman (see - Roman!) Sejkot is planning to continue in their business. All your assets will be covered by contract.  


As has been already said, the modern Maecenas can actively participate in the creation of a new artpiece by discussion with an artist. But not just that. The new artefact can become your property. In all the booklets, lectures, galleries, exhibitions, media presentations or internet there will always be stated who contributed to the creation of the artwork. Who was its maecenas, without whose kind support this artpiece could never see the light of day. 


May be you are not interested in the wordly fame. Then the artpiece can be created just for your pleasure hidden from the eyes of public ... 


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