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When I was a little boy, not so long ago, about 40 years,

I collected stamps.

I liked most of all those with with pictures of ancient black-figure pottery,

a method used by the Greeks in the 6th century B.C.

to depict mythological episodes.


Human memory is like the piling up of geological layers

and a work of art is a geological bore into the subconscious.


Few people know about the life of their great-grandfathers.

The basic feature of information is its transient nature.

Information disappears like a flash.

Nothing is able to preserve it.

As much as we know of people living 10 000 years ago,

so much will be known about us in 10 000 years‘ time.


I do not believe in God. 

I believe in the existence of a Cosmic Intellect.

Life on the planet Earth is a demonstration of its playfulness.




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