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ROMAN SEJKOT loves film and photography. In 1992 he came with an idea to get hundreds of photographs made while working on “About a Sportsman” series, moving. By this way more people could get access to the photographs from the life of a handicapped sportsman at once. 


As much as the idea sounded utopian, it caught an interest of a world famous documentary director Helena Trestikova and a producer Jarmila Polakova. It was thanks to the photographer M. Hladik, the film director K. Vlachova and their connection to the Film&Sociology Foundation.   


In 1994 an animated film documentary has been created from the black and white photographs called “About a Sportsman”. A ten-minute documentary has been realized by the late director Pavel Koutecky and his cameraman Stano Slusny. The film has been a big success getting numerous awards at domestic as well as foreign festivals.    


ROMAN SEJKOT has made a 30-minute documentary about his work in 1995. “The Shy Exposures of Roman Sejkot” were successfully presented in the Czech Television during a doc. series “Ego” aimed at presenting significant personalities of Czech public and cultural life. 


In 1999 Roman Sejkot had the greatest idea - it happened under the most strange circumstances operating concurrently - first was the ownership of the Apple iMac computer, second was the really slow telephone internet connection and third - watching the Easter Service from Vatikan on-line. The idea was as follows: the nude shot in exterior in 1995 “Nohomurka”, which shows a long-legged creature stretching against the ice-blue sky and going to take off in any second, could, standing on a stone, really slowly pull its fungous leg between its wings and slowly disappear in a distance..  It would all take approximately 180 seconds and it would be a minimalist film. But how to make such a ‘moving picture’?  From the perspective of a seriously taken filmography that is about all. 

For the time being :-)


So to make this section less empty and more full I included the selected television interviews of the last 15 years. 


Have a great time watching it!