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GALLERY OF THE BRAVE has a simple reason to be called this way. 

Each author must be brave enough to put himself on the line - to ‘bring his skin to the market’, as we use this idiom in Czech. Especially when the author’s skin might not be a hippo skin. To bring one’s skin to the market is an act of bravery! 

Listening to often ‘raw’ opinions about something you consider almost perfect, requires a lot of determination! Too many sensitive souls have fallen under the weight of harsh critique and ceased creating. A lot of those reviewers have no idea they have the energy of a combine harvester on a blossoming meadow...


GALLERY OF THE BRAVE is a support to you work. Not everyone gets into the Gallery of the Brave. Not anyone, who orders a consultation of a Kind Critic, will be included in the selection. The Kind Critic can place 1 photography with a short positive comment to the Gallery of the Brave after a written or oral consultation. In this totally private Gallery of the Brave of a photographer Roman Sejkot, which is open to the whole world, good quality pieces of art will be included regardless the profession of an author. 

Kind Critic reserves all the rights to include the consulted photographic work to the Gallery of the Brave. The number of photographs in the Gallery of the Brave is not limited. Single author can be represented numerously. 

Placing your work into the Gallery of the Brave is a reward for your courage to approach the Kind Critic. 




1. Choose between 5 and 25 of your photographs. 

2. A Kind critic will meet you personally, or you can send your photographs via email on [email protected]

3. Bring your photographs either printed, on a flash disc or a CD to the personal meeting. 



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