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KIND CRITIC is a section where a professional photographer and an experienced University teacher in one person, Mgr. Roman Sejkot, offers a paid consultation of your photographs. The consultations are personal, but thanks to e-mail may be totally anonymous as well.

KIND CRITIC gives the possibility to various terrestrials as well as extraterrestrials to meet individually above their works during an informal hearing. It happens that I bump into a photographer and he or she asks me to look over their pictures. They ask for my judgement or help. But I am not usually capable of doing that during those random encounters - because of lack of time. 


KIND CRITIC never says: ‘Throw away your camera! This is bad, do not take pictures anymore!..’

That’s far too easy and it is not morally right. The consultation of an artwork, to which an author put all his acquired skills and experience, should not be destructive. Each critic (a teacher) dances on thin ice during the first contact with an author (student) and has to have excellently developed, long, patient, tolerant and highly sensitive sensors. 

According to my experience everybody is capable of creating an artwork appealing to somebody else. The fact that it is not happening every time the person pushes a firing button, is not important. This is just the “slight” difference between a professional photographer and a leisure photographer. 

Leisure photographer can make a good picture anytime. 

The professional must make the good picture anytime. 


GALLERY OF THE BRAVE is the extension of the work of a Kind Critic and his occasional collection manager’s slash art dealer’s lust.   

If I happen to find at least one photograph in your collection addable to the Gallery of the Brave, I won’t hesitate. 



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